Like Kate Baer and Sharon Olds before her, Katy Luxem takes scenes from motherhood and family life, and makes them into beautiful, magical things we can each hold in our hands and hearts. Her poems “blossom into their abundant selves,” like the children she cares for so tenderly, offering us all immense comfort at the same time. Luxem knows from years of hard-won “Love is a body that mothers in the dark, a salve for any painful thing.” Every poem in this book is a balm for the weary soul.

—James Crews, Author of Kindness Will Save the World

Every now and then you come across writing that stops you in your tracks and moves you simultaneously. These poems are progressive, yet timeless, with lines that will unearth you and have you revisiting over and over again. I found myself coming back to her words in certain poems often and letting them settle with their sharp and meaningful imagery. Every word has a place and has carefully been crafted in a way that feels like a deep exhale. A voice for women’s triumphs, heartaches, and hopes. Honest and powerful.

—Jessica Urlichs, Author of You Hung the Moon

In her debut collection, Katy Luxem holds a magnifying glass to the small, beautiful moments that constitute a life. These poems are rich with imagery and soft with tenderness, inviting you to step inside their world and look around. Within its pages, you’ll be greeted by vibrant snapshots of joy, grief, love, and family, sure to resonate with anyone that’s walked the unsteady path of this world. Until It Is True is a book that you’ll want to read, reread, dog-ear, and then share with absolutely everyone you know. I guarantee it.

—Caitlin Conlon, Author of The Surrender Theory

Until It Is True brilliantly captures how it feels to love, to grieve, and to parent. This work weaves together the mundane with the extraordinary, the routine with the transcendental. A stunning collection.

—Lisa Bush, Creator of Stories Within Us and Author of Teaching Well