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As a professional content editor, Katy has written copy and led marketing campaigns for small, local businesses and large, international brands. These include Amazon, Ocean Spray, Panasonic, Cole Haan, Rubbermaid, Sharpie, Graco, Honeywell, Nilfisk, ISLE Surf & SUP, and more. Specializing in Amazon listing optimizations in the US and UK, Katy has written content for more than 5,000 products and worked on hundreds of A+ Content detail pages, Brand Stores, and more. Katy is grateful to have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of clients with products from industrial machinery to plush baby toys and everything in between.

*This list is not exhaustive.

"Barcode basics for selling on Amazon" // eCommerce Nurse Blog

Honeywell Home Brand Store //

rhinocables A+ Content //

ISLE Surf & SUP A+ Content //

Big Dill Pickleball Co. //, brand website content, product descriptions, SEO, etc.

Renapur //, basic content, A+ Content, SEO, etc.

"Listing hijacking: How to protect your brand on Amazon" // eCommerce Nurse Blog

"4 Common Amazon Seller Challenges and How to Overcome Them" // eComEngine Blog

"Amazon Brand Registry benefits in 2021" // eCommerce Nurse Blog

"Exploring Amazon vendors, sellers, and hybrids: What’s right for my business?" //KhooCommerce Blog

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"5 Reasons Human Translation Benefits Your Amazon Business" // eComEngine Blog

eCommerce Content writing

Created and implemented branding guidelines and strategy across all eCommerce platforms. Including titles, features, A+ Content, backend keywords, Brand Store, and more.

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eCommerce Content writing

Updated and maintained all detail pages, including titles, bullets/features, A+ Content, backend keywords, and more.

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